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Ask Any Potential Industry Partner These Questions…

The answers may help you discover a good fit.

How do you help us elevate our client experience?

We provide you expertise, powered by tools and reports, to support your clients putting you front and
center stage.

How do you complement our team?

EXPAND is an extension of your team as investment and plan
design experts.

Do I give up control of plan design, investments, or client experience?

Absolutely not. We provide a consultative approach to all aspects of plan management.  Our goal is to support your model.

Will you customize your investment approach?

We certainly will!  Your preferences relating to investments are an important aspect of the plan solution.

Will you customize your reporting?

Of course! Who wouldn’t?

How does your ERISA experience benefit us?

We guide you to reduce risk and the possibility of errors. We also work to help you to optimize ERISA rules to align best to your client’s need.

What are your industry superpowers?

Relationship management ironman augmented with a keen sense of effective plan design.

Does your team bowl?

And then some! Advisory Services Manager Quintan Kocher owns more than 20 “300” games.
Meet Quintan here

Do you run marathons?

Our fearless leader, Greg Bakke, has run 26 and is looking to his next one! Meet Greg here

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