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Sheri A Baker

Chief Financial & Compliance Officer

A few things you might not know about Sheri…

Cat person or dog person?

“Definitely a dog person. Our girl, Nina Baker is a Spanish Water Dog. She is a retired Therapy Dog that now spends her days either traveling across the country in her RV with her family or laying on her porch. One of her greatest pleasures is tubing behind the boat on the lake with her dad.”

Coffee or tea?

“Coffee is my go-to drink. It’s my drink of choice in almost any setting. I enjoy experimenting with different coffee beans and brewing methods.”

Are you sunrise, daylight, twilight, or nighttime? Why?

“I’m a sunrise person. I enjoy getting up early and getting my day started. I appreciate the beauty of the sunrise and realize how blessed I am to have another day.”

Are you a traveler or a homebody?

“Traveler for sure. My husband and I enjoy traveling particularly in our RV. We enjoy the spontaneity of being able to park and sleep whenever you want in a Cracker Barrell parking lot or meeting new friends at a campsite.”

Would you rather be a superhero or the world’s best chef?

“World’s best chef because I enjoy cooking. I always like to find new recipes to cook for our family and friends, especially on holidays. It’s exciting to encourage them to try new foods and satisfying to watch them enjoy what I’ve prepared.”