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Jahedur Rahman

Jahedur Rahman

Senior Application Developer

A few things you might not know about Jahedur…

What is your favorite quote?

“The gladdest moment in human life, methinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton.”

Coffee or tea?

”I prefer tea over coffee. But I drink coffee when I need to stay active.”

Jahedur Rahman

If you had a time machine, would you go back in time or into the future?

“Into the future. I would love to see many mysterious changes in the earth that we cannot imagine today.”

Are you a traveler or a homebody? 

“Traveler. I love experiencing over reading. Tavel lets me find a new version of myself.”

What song, album, or artist could you listen to on repeat?

“The Loner” – a guitar instrumental by Gary Moore. I have listened to this track over a thousand times in the last 7 years.